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THANK YOU to the fans who came out to The State Theatre on Saturday November 2nd for a long, but fun night! We gave away over $1,000 worth of prizes in several raffles. Thank you to our sponsors for your support. We had 15 matches, and man... it was a long and crazy night. What some of you may not know is, we were robbed at somepoint Saturday morning. We had $970 in presale ticket money that was taken at some point early Saturday night. As a result, not all of the wrestlers got paid the agreed upon amounts, The State Theatre didn't get paid, and mostly importantly, there is nothing for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. To say I'm disgusted would be putting it mildly. I put 6 months of work into this show... all for nothing. I would like to make back that missing money so PanCAN receives SOMETHING! We have wristbands, programs, glowsticks, and necklaces still available. I would love to be able to sell out of that stuff and give all of that money to PanCAN, a well-deserved organization that we were all fighting for on November 2nd. Well, all but 1 person anyway...

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